Journal No. 2 // The Bees Knees

After making my first journal, I wanted to make a second, better one. This time I got a ruler, better scissors, and paper I really liked. I was a lot more focused for this one and knew what details needed the most attention. Like stated in my other post, I didn’t know I’d eventually make a blog, so I can’t show you step by step, only the process I followed.
Here it is (almost) finished:

Excuse the glare! For my cover I used a hexagon/beehive shaped scrapbook sheet. When opened, the book is 12 inches wide, which was perfect for the sheet since it was a standard 12×12. The book itself is 7 x 5. I used an old brownie box that was sitting in our recycling box.

To decorate the cover, I used pieces from all sorts of kits/pads:

The words in white are from the Tim Holtz chit-chat sticker pad which you can find here.

You can find the “Wanderlust” and “Happy Life” stickers from this MAMBI sticker pad.

As for the elephant, I cut that out from a scrapbook paper pad I’m still trying to find a link for!

The “Oh Joy” mason jar I thought could represent a honey jar, but the more I look at it, the more I see a congratulations for a baby boy, ha. I still think it’s pretty cute. It came from this Project Life kit.

Here is the inside!

I decided to use mod podge this time instead of hot glue to secure the signatures to the inside of the spine. Of course the results took longer, but I think it looks a lot better, especially since I had more time to play around with it and get it where I wanted. I also like that it’s clear (not that it’ll matter once the rest of the signatures are in)!

Here’s a picture of the signature in place

Only 5 more signatures to go!

I had 5 sheets of white cardstock left after making my last journal so I could only make one signature for this one. I decided to just staple along the crease to combine them all together. Usually it looks cleaner, but I missed the spot where I wanted it the first time.


Because I put more effort into this and actually knew what I was doing, I have grown to LOVE this journal.  Just like the other, I still don’t know what to use it for! I want it to be perfect (ha,good one). Help me decide? 🙂


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