Journal No. 5 // Books Reviews

As the title states, this is the journal I use for book reviews. My last entry was on January 30th of this year and it is now nearly the end of the year. Talk about neglect! This book originally started out as me writing down quotes from books I liked and how the book influenced me/what I liked about it. A few times I did some normal journal entries about my days.

I did A LOT of reading last winter. I think I read 8 books in a little over a month? I remember I had a lot of days off of work due to snow and I used that time to do the majority of my reading. I can’t explain what happened in February, but in March I moved to Wisconsin and have only read a few books since then (that aren’t documented). I have a list (somewhere close to 20) of books I want to read but haven’t. My goal is to pick some up for my winter break (22nd-1st) and start using this book again!

The book itself is from Michael’s:


Here is an excerpt from the book (yes, very plain):


I really miss reading, but now I’m finding a hard time to balance all of my hobbies. I want to do a little of each every night and that’s just not doable. Reading has definitely been the most neglected hobby of mine. I guess because it’s not creative like the others. The books I’ve read since moving to Wisconsin are already escaping my mind — I have a terrible time remembering what happens in books and I know if I would have put them in my book journal, it would have help me jump-start my memories of the book.

As I type this, I think I will add read more books to my goals for 2017. Join me?


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