Journal No 6. // Poetry

This journal is surprising to me. For awhile now (3-4 years), I’ve been writing most of my poetry online. It takes up less space and I can just delete what I don’t like. When it comes to paper, the remains are always there, just crossed out. And then once I have it figured out and I’m done with all the drafts, I have to use a new sheet of paper for the final result. Online, it just stays in the same place and then with the click of a button, published! (Shameless self promotion coming up! You can find my poetry here.)

BUT! I like the look of poetry on paper rather than a screen. When it comes to reading poetry, 8 out of 10 times, I’m going to pick up a poetry book/anthology. And part of me actually wants to be able to see the editing process. If I wanted to be super ridiculous, I could have a journal for editing/drafting and then a journal for the final product.

Anyway, before I spill out everything that has to do with writing, here is my poetry book (that might turn into a journaling book):

I found this little book in the Michael’s dollar section. On the back it says “Hello Sunshine”

Here’s an excerpt from the book:




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