Rise & Fall

I have neglected this blog for awhile now, but now that I’m back in a creative swing, I think I’m going to be more active. I also have a lot more inspiration coming in and I’ve subscribed to some monthly subscription boxes that I think will help. Here are some things that I have been working on but didn’t document too heavily. 🙂

This is a painting for my Dad, who loves to play Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Online. That is Dragonish (Skyrim language) on the border. It’s a quote from Lord of The Rings.
The newest addiction to my art journal.
I wanted to clean up the inside of this upcycled book, so I used some scrapbook paper. The cover is below.
This is the cover for my new journal! I just used scrapbook paper from J0-Anns.

For this journal, I plan to tea stain paper for my signatures. Be sure to look out for my post on that! 🙂


Journal No 7 // Repurposed Book

Journal No 7 // Repurposed Book

Hi guys!

I’m back with an (almost) step by step guide on how I made this journal. Mainly, I just want you to check out this beautiful paper I found for the cover. 🙂 It’s currently snowing with an inch on the ground, so I wanted something to warm me up: Pineapples. Yup, I went tropical for this DIY!

Here is the final product before we move on:


As the title states, this journal came from an old book. My work was throwing a ton out, so I grabbed a few and this is the one I chose for this project. I also ripped out all the papers so I could put my own signatures in:

I also decided to keep the original first and last page of the book so when you first opened it, you wouldn’t be able to see the signatures. Eventually when I went to glue to signatures in, glue got between one of the original pages and the first page of the first signature, so now you really can’t see it.

Alright, onto the actual process! I began by measuring out the dimensions of my book and then used a ruler to mark that on the back of the scrapbook paper:

Like mentioned above, the dimesions for this book was 7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. I knew I would need a little more due to the spine and the creases, so I didn’t bother trimming for the width; I just kept it at the original 12″ size.


                    After that I just glued the paper on the front and used my X-Acto knife to cut off
the extra trimmings (where I messed up):


I then did the same things to the inside cover, however, since I decided I wanted to keep the 2 original pages, I couldn’t take my scrapbook paper all the way across (it would have covered those pages and the inside of the spine), so I cut out 2 pieces, one for the front and one for the back:

I know it doesn’t go super well with the pineapple theme, but at best you could match the greens. I just loved this pattern so much, I had to put it in here.

Next came the signatures. I took 5 pages of card stock and folded them in half.
When I folded them in half, they were already the perfect size since the width of the paper was 11 inches (half of the book was 5 1/2″). I just had to take about an inch and half off of the top. There is where a paper cutter would have been VERY handy. I had to cut each one by hand and let me tell you, it was sloppy. Anyway, here is my process for combining the papers together:

First, I begin by laying all my pages together flat on the table. I then place an eraser (I would suggest a bigger one than what I have) along the crease and in the center of the papers. I then staple INTO the eraser. This is so the other side of the staple remains straight and I can make sure they line up in the center correctly:


After I made my signatures it was time to glue them to the inside of the spine. I ended up using mod podge to get my signatures to stay. I always do a THICK coat of mod podge and slide my signatures around until I feel like they are evenly covered. I just then hold them into the spine for 5 minutes with my hands, and then eventually use a binder clip to hold everything up while laying it on it’s spine for about 30 minutes.

And here we are at the end! The only thing I didn’t like is that the the last and first signatures are attached to the original pages. I can’t undo it because it’ll rip the paper and well, that’s just not cute. It doesn’t bother me too bad, but if I could go back and change it, I would.

If you learned anything from this post, I hope it’s to go to your locals Michael’s right away and get this gorgeous print. Right now it is taking everything in me not to plaster this on everything I own.  Here is a link to the paper so you too can grab 20 copies. Note: the picture looks a lot lighter than what it is in real life.

Thanks for scrolling through!


Journal No 6. // Poetry

This journal is surprising to me. For awhile now (3-4 years), I’ve been writing most of my poetry online. It takes up less space and I can just delete what I don’t like. When it comes to paper, the remains are always there, just crossed out. And then once I have it figured out and I’m done with all the drafts, I have to use a new sheet of paper for the final result. Online, it just stays in the same place and then with the click of a button, published! (Shameless self promotion coming up! You can find my poetry here.)

BUT! I like the look of poetry on paper rather than a screen. When it comes to reading poetry, 8 out of 10 times, I’m going to pick up a poetry book/anthology. And part of me actually wants to be able to see the editing process. If I wanted to be super ridiculous, I could have a journal for editing/drafting and then a journal for the final product.

Anyway, before I spill out everything that has to do with writing, here is my poetry book (that might turn into a journaling book):

I found this little book in the Michael’s dollar section. On the back it says “Hello Sunshine”

Here’s an excerpt from the book:



Journal No 4. // Art Journal

This is probably my second favorite journal. I’m not that artistic, but I feel like this will help me develop my skills a little bit more. I’m constantly on the hunt for new inspiration (mostly through YouTube). The journal I use came in a set of 2 at Michael’s. Perhaps I’ll do a giveaway with the second one (a watercolor floral print).

Here is a look through of my art journal 🙂


The white dollie is actually a pocket for the journal card.


Dripped some wine on the paper and used a wine colored liquid lipstick to make the background. This song is called Cherry Wine by Hozier. One of my favorite songs ever. The record is from our junk mail/ads.


A secret letter for you!
Just kidding – it’s empty (for now)!
This is about a child trying to understand a divorce.
One of the little girls I work with drew me a elf on the shelf so I went and decorated a page with some cute stickers.

This is easily my favorite journal to work on. It’s so hard not to spend a lot of money on supplies because I want to do so much with this journal!!!

Journal No. 3 // Couple’s Paradise

I guess you could consider this more of a scrapbook, but I keep telling myself I’ll begin to write more in it. This is the journal I use to keep memories of the cool things my boyfriend and I have done together. Unlike my previous posts, I didn’t make this journal. For this project, I’m just using a target planner. My pages consist of greeting cards and mini page protectors. I hope you enjoy this look through and *hopefully* get some inspiration!

I keep debating with myself if I want to decorate the cover or not. I kind of like it plain! Maybe I should at least put a subject?

Here is the inside cover:

Here are a few pages I’ve done so far:



I so apologize for the glare. Next time I’ll take photos with natural light instead of waiting until it’s night/dark.