Journal No. 5 // Books Reviews

As the title states, this is the journal I use for book reviews. My last entry was on January 30th of this year and it is now nearly the end of the year. Talk about neglect! This book originally started out as me writing down quotes from books I liked and how the book influenced me/what I liked about it. A few times I did some normal journal entries about my days.

I did A LOT of reading last winter. I think I read 8 books in a little over a month? I remember I had a lot of days off of work due to snow and I used that time to do the majority of my reading. I can’t explain what happened in February, but in March I moved to Wisconsin and have only read a few books since then (that aren’t documented). I have a list (somewhere close to 20) of books I want to read but haven’t. My goal is to pick some up for my winter break (22nd-1st) and start using this book again!

The book itself is from Michael’s:


Here is an excerpt from the book (yes, very plain):


I really miss reading, but now I’m finding a hard time to balance all of my hobbies. I want to do a little of each every night and that’s just not doable. Reading has definitely been the most neglected hobby of mine. I guess because it’s not creative like the others. The books I’ve read since moving to Wisconsin are already escaping my mind — I have a terrible time remembering what happens in books and I know if I would have put them in my book journal, it would have help me jump-start my memories of the book.

As I type this, I think I will add read more books to my goals for 2017. Join me?


Journal No. 2 // The Bees Knees

After making my first journal, I wanted to make a second, better one. This time I got a ruler, better scissors, and paper I really liked. I was a lot more focused for this one and knew what details needed the most attention. Like stated in my other post, I didn’t know I’d eventually make a blog, so I can’t show you step by step, only the process I followed.
Here it is (almost) finished:

Excuse the glare! For my cover I used a hexagon/beehive shaped scrapbook sheet. When opened, the book is 12 inches wide, which was perfect for the sheet since it was a standard 12×12. The book itself is 7 x 5. I used an old brownie box that was sitting in our recycling box.

To decorate the cover, I used pieces from all sorts of kits/pads:

The words in white are from the Tim Holtz chit-chat sticker pad which you can find here.

You can find the “Wanderlust” and “Happy Life” stickers from this MAMBI sticker pad.

As for the elephant, I cut that out from a scrapbook paper pad I’m still trying to find a link for!

The “Oh Joy” mason jar I thought could represent a honey jar, but the more I look at it, the more I see a congratulations for a baby boy, ha. I still think it’s pretty cute. It came from this Project Life kit.

Here is the inside!

I decided to use mod podge this time instead of hot glue to secure the signatures to the inside of the spine. Of course the results took longer, but I think it looks a lot better, especially since I had more time to play around with it and get it where I wanted. I also like that it’s clear (not that it’ll matter once the rest of the signatures are in)!

Here’s a picture of the signature in place

Only 5 more signatures to go!

I had 5 sheets of white cardstock left after making my last journal so I could only make one signature for this one. I decided to just staple along the crease to combine them all together. Usually it looks cleaner, but I missed the spot where I wanted it the first time.


Because I put more effort into this and actually knew what I was doing, I have grown to LOVE this journal.  Just like the other, I still don’t know what to use it for! I want it to be perfect (ha,good one). Help me decide? 🙂

Journal No. 1 // Junk Journal

I have so many journals to share with you guys, but I want to start with the first journal I ever made. The title may be a little misleading because I don’t actually know what I’m going to use it for. It’s pretty small. It’s a 5 x 3 little book. I was thinking maybe a dream log or gratitude book? I really don’t know! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Like I said, this was my first attempt at making a journal. I didn’t know I would be starting a blog, so I can’t show you step by step on how I made it. I can, however, share my process.

I started out with a old Zatarain’s Rice box we had sitting in our recycling box. I cut it down to size — I didn’t even measure, I just decided to cut until I liked it. Thinking back, I wish it were a little bigger. I also didn’t have a ruler at the time.


In the end, this is what it turned out to look like. I used scrapbook paper for the front and back. I used different paper for the spine because I thought I was going to sew the signatures in and I wanted the little scrap paper to cover the holes/string. Spoiler: I didn’t do that and I wish I would have just used 1 sheet of paper to cover the whole book.

Here are the insides. All the quotes are from the same scrapbook pad. I’ll link it at the bottom! As you can see, I did a terrible job with fitting the signatures into the spine correctly. I also used a hot glue gun which wasn’t a great idea, because it was hard to get the signatures in before the glue dried and it was bulky/uneven. I didn’t line the front or back signature up correctly because I felt rushed.



On the inside, I created some corner tabs and fold-outs.


I used cardstock from Michael’s for my pages. ($2.00 for 50 sheets)


I know I said I would link the paper pad, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I’ll keep searching and update this if I find it.

All in all, this was the first journal I ever made and I’m pretty darn proud of it. I learned a lot and my next one was even better (yes, that one is coming next!). I just hope I can find a use for it. Like mentioned above, please give me some suggestions!!!


I decided to start a journaling blog in hopes of it keeping me accountable. I currently have three journals and I haven’t been using them as much as I should. The other night after binge watching journal videos on YouTube, a wave of sadness washed over me. I wish I had done journaling in high school and college. There’s so much I could have created and I feel like I missed out. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve just simply forgotten and wish I could look back on. Results of soccer games, drill competitions, events I went to…and so on.

Right now I feel stagnant. I have the same routine every day and I’m just not as active as I was when I was younger. I know I don’t have to journal every day, but if I were to write about my days, I feel like they would all blend together and say the same thing. Though, I know if I don’t start now, future me will probably be mad.

So here I am, about to start a blog on my journals – how I make them to what’s inside. I hope this time something can come out of it. 🙂